This list includes every candidate that appeared on last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate stage.

There is no particular order here, and there is no scientific approach to our thoughts on which candidate has the best shot to become the Democratic nominee.

We have categorized the candidates in the following way: ‘absolutely,’ ‘yes,’ no,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘absolutely not,’ so here we go:

1) Tulsi Gabbard – ABSOLUTELY NOT

There is something really weird about her candidacy. It’s almost like she was inserted into a field in which she does not belong. Cast aside the rumors that she is a ‘Russian Agent,’ but you have to admit, there is something really off with her.

2) Corey Booker – MAYBE

Corey is passionate about civil rights and defends African Americans, but sometimes he seems to be seeking the spotlight on issues that are not completely inclusive of all Americans.

3) Tom Steyer – NO

Tom has a great business background and has proven his ability to make a lot of money, and then use that money to do good for those who need help. But his qualifications to be commander-in-chief are non-existent and do we really need another billionaire running the country?

4) Andrew Yang – NO

Sure, another really rich guy who presumably made it on his own. We all love that, but he has a very incoherent platform, and while he does address a very serious issue – that fact that the U.S. is lagging in the race to own technological developments – it’s hard to see what else he can offer.

5) Amy Klobuchar – YES

Klobuchar is a moderate and she seems to understand you can’t do everything for everyone. She would love ‘free college’ but realizes that is just not possible financially. She seems to understand that pragmatism is crucial, and when you can’t give everyone everything, you need a convincing reason as to why you can’t, and why that’s OK.

6) Kamala Harris – MAYBE

Harris has proven her ability to fight corruption and to take on bad people. She is a fighter, but her political abilities have been challenged and in some of those instances, she has failed to show her ability in the realm.

7) Pete Buttigieg – MAYBE

We all know that ‘Mayor Pete’ has zero experience running a massive operation like the U.S. Government. Of course, neither did Barrack Obama. Add to that Buttigieg is openly gay and most of America is not OK with that. BUT, Buttigieg is incredibly brilliant, and incredibly well-spoken. And his experience of having to defend that he is gay has only made him a stronger person.

8) Bernie Sanders – MAYBE

Recent heart attack aside, Sanders has touched a nerve with Millenials. Free college, eliminating billionaires and trying to level the financial playing field for all Americans are all enticing. But the big question with Sanders is, can he really deliver on these huge promises? Plus, he has been labeled as a Socialist in a country that idolizes Capitalism.

9) Elizabeth Warren – ABSOLUTELY

For those of us concerned about income inequality and corporate dominatation, it can’t be denied that she is the only candidate who not only understands the injustice of big banks gouging those in need of being able to pay their bills, she also knows how to take on those companies and win. Many will label her as a Socialist, but in reality, she is a Capitalist who believes that big, rich companies need to have some controls put upon them. Who can disagree with that?

10) Joe Biden – YES

We feel that Biden’s biggest strength is his ability to attract minority voters and his name recognition as having been the Vice President to Barrack Obama for eight years. The only reason we don’t feel his is an ‘ABSOLUTELY’ candidate is because he feels like the old guard and one who is not in touch with today’s America.