Watch out ‘Little Devin,’ if there is anything we have learned about Donald Trump, he will suck what he needs out of his little ‘bitches’ and then dispose of them once he has gotten what he wants from them.

Devin is one of the most brazen and obvious ‘Trump Bitches.’ During this week’s hearings, as a ranking member of the oversight committee, he rolled his eyes and counted the number of light bulbs in the Congressional hearing room. He was not only completely detached from the damning testimony of the witnesses, he slammed them as being part of a smear campaign against Trump.

It was so obvious, and so out of line, even for Nunes, that it struck many as very strange.

Well, now we know why: It turns out Devin was right in the middle of the entire criminal scheme.

Our government will never work again until we complete root out its corrupt members, and Nunes is a good place to start.