Newsweek has just reported that ‘A former CIA officer has accused Rudolph Giuliani of being involved in “third-world level corruption” after it was reported that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer tried to get paid for representing Ukraine’s top prosecutor while seeking damaging information about former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Giuliani had been “in talks” to get paid a minimum of $200,000 by Ukraine’s former prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko in exchange for helping Ukraine find assets supposedly stolen from the country as part of a retainer agreement drafted in February.

The newspaper claimed that a later draft agreement from March between the lawyer’s company Giuliani Partners and the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice would have seen the former New York City mayor paid $300,000 if those “stolen” assets were found.

But Giuliani has said he was “paid zero” and did not seek any “business opportunity” in Ukraine.’

Now, we all know what a crooked creep is Rudy Giuliani. In fact he is almost as bad as Donald Trump, but that award must be thrust upon ‘The Donald’ himself, because he is the biggest creep in the land.

But when it comes to Trump vs. Giuliani, we all know they both will throw the other under the biggest bus in the land.

Poor Rudy, I am sure his cheap dentures will soon fall out of his mouth and the only advantage there would be that he can creat a lot of ‘happy endings’ in prison.