Irony can be one funny thing. For example, Donald Trump inherited $400 million from his dad – born rich with every advantage one could be given without working for it. Yet his main supporters can barely afford teeth. Sorry, but it’s true.

The problem here is that Trump not only lied his way into office, he had no idea of what the job is or how to do it and he never cared to learn that.

Trump thinks he is still selling apartments on the East Side of New York. He thinks everything, including his re-election, can be bought.

But what Trump can’t buy is the truth, and the truth is about to take down Donald Trump. He is being impeached for using the awesome power of the government of 350 million Americans for his own benefit. That’s against our Constitution and is just not cool.

The facts are on the side of our Constitution, and Trump doesn’t have the balls to defend himself, because he knows there is no defense for being a greedy, ruthless bully.