It was pretty obvious that Bernie Sanders is full of it, especially when this old man, Senator for years, all of a sudden decided to offer free college to Millennials once he decided he could be president. If he were so effective, or rather so well-intentioned, why didn’t he make that happen decades ago?

But now, after all the speeches about how ‘millionaires and billionaires’ are ruining our country, he has to complain just about billionaires, because he has now become a millionaire by having run for president.

Worse, he used to crow about how great he was for not taking money from big-money donors, the way Hillary Clinton did.

Guess what, now Sanders is leaping into the sewer, accepting those very big money-donors into his circle.

Politico reports it best:

“Bernie Sanders was notorious in 2016 for refusing to ask Democratic power brokers for their support. While Hillary and Bill Clinton were lighting up their phone lines, elected officials grumbled they never heard from Sanders or his campaign.

He also lacked the campaign infrastructure to compensate: “We had no political shop,” said Mark Longabaugh, one of Sanders’ top strategists that year.

This time around, the candidate with an aversion to schmoozing and a reputation as a loner in the Senate is bowing to a side of politics he’s long despised. Sanders is making dozens of calls each week to elected officials, labor leaders and party chiefs, according to his aides. In between his rallies, he regularly meets with politicians behind closed doors. And surrogates, including Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), the co-chairman of his campaign, are aggressively courting House members.”

Sanders is almost worse than Trump, because Trump doesn’t hide what a fraud he is, while Sanders pretends he isn’t one.