George J. Pilibosian, Editor-in-Chief

America stands at a crossroad we’ve likely not been at before in our history. Most Americans know our history, and the fact that our country was founded on the basic principle that everyone is created equal and everyone has equal rights as a citizen.

As such, most Americans also understand that under our beloved Constitution, no man or woman is above the law. Our founders understood the tyranny that comes with a society that has no respect for these principles. They completely rejected the idea of a dictatorship. They understood that such a form of government is counterproductive to one that values all people equally and one that fosters love, fairness and prosperity.

There is no question that Donald Trump is licking his chops as he fantasizes about becoming America’s first dictator. It’s obvious and it’s starting to become real.

And there are several Democratic challengers to his presidency. All of them want Trump out, and I also believe each would be a good president.

The issue we face now is that money rules. Money is the ultimate power in the United States, and probably the world. With enough money, you can buy power, even the power of the presidency.

Mike Bloomberg is worth $63 billion and he can slam Trump in any way he pleases. Do I like it? No. But this is reality and we, America, need to realize that this is a battle that can be won only with money.

Let’s face that fact and make Michael Bloomberg America’s next president.