By George J. Pilibosian

In my opinion, Bernie Sanders is a fraud. He got a lot of Millenials to support him because he promised the un-doable to them: free college, free health care, free child care, and the list goes on.

And all of that does sound great, doesn’t it? Even though Sanders has never proven how he could pay for it all, it does sound good.

So then, why didn’t so many of Sanders’ biggest supporters show up on Super Tuesday to vote for him, as USA Today has reported?:

‘ Young voters cheer Bernie Sanders’ anti-establishment message. They turn out in throngs at his rallies. And they form the core of his grassroots efforts to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

But their fiery passion did not translate into the robust turnout he needed on Super Tuesday to win a number of key states, notably in the South where a strong showing by Joe Biden has made the nomination contest a two-person race, especially now that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the race and endorsed Biden.’

So the question becomes, which do Bernie voters value less, voting for America’s leaders, or Bernie Sanders himself?