By George J. Pilibosian

If criticizing the President of the United States can be considered using ‘extreme profanity’ in public, call me guilty. Apple News obviously thinks so, as they just stopped publishing our articles for too much ‘extreme profanity.’

Here is what Apple News told us after shutting us off:

‘Hi George,

On February 28, we sent an email to the channel contact you listed in News Publisher,, notifying you that your channel had been disabled. It was removed from Apple News because articles contained excessive profanity.


And by the way, we have been publishing on Apple News for almost three years, with never a complaint from Apple about our content. Something smells, and it smells really bad.

But great, we don’t care, because all that tells us is that we are touching a nerve, and we intend to ‘touch’ that nerve until it really, really hurts.

A word, or two, that offends someone out there is nothing like a president who doesn’t give care about the citizens of the United States.

We, as a country need to get our priorities in order, or we will fail.