Huffington Post reports:

‘President Donald Trump removed the inspector general set to probe corruption and provide oversight of the government’s massive response to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, the last sign of his disdain for any oversight of his administration.

The $2 trillion coronavirus response law, passed last month, set up a panel of 10 inspectors general to serve as watchdogs as the government tries to limit fraud, wrongdoing and mismanagement. That panel, dubbed the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, selected Fine — who was the acting Pentagon inspector general and is a former Justice Department inspector general — to lead them.

It’s not a coincidence that the average Americans who need the money from Congress’ $2 Trillion aid package have yet to receive one penny of that money.

Trump already showed us that he was willing to withhold billions from the Ukraine, which needed the money to protect their people, as a way to get what he wants, personally.

Surely, Trump salivated at the prospect of having $2 Trillion to dole out as he sees fit. The pattern of behavior couldn’t be more obvious.

Be nice to me or you won’t get ‘paid.’

Trump is the worst crook in history, period.