It was supposed to be the biggest Trump rally ever. The Trump campaign claimed 1 million people ordered tickets to attend. In fact, they expected so many attendees they set up an ‘overflow’ area outside of the arena where Trump was supposed to make a speech to all who couldn’t fit inside the 19,000-seat arena.

Problem was, the stadium was only 60% full – only 6,200 showed up – and the outside area had to be shut down because it was empty.

Not a good look for a man who needs the size of everything he touches to be the biggest ever. In fact, it has been reported that Trump and his family are ‘pissed’ about this disaster.

But like everything Trump, he is always looking for someone else to blame for his failures. I would bet that even compared the small turnout in Tulsa, the next rallies will be bigger flops. That’s because (President?) Donald Trump admitted at the rally that he asked his people to slow down COVID-19 testing because more positive tests would make him look bad. The video is below.

To admit that, while you have stuffed 6,200 people into an indoor arena, most of whom were not wearing masks, knowing some will get sick and some will die, is truly a criminal act.

Made him look bad? Let’s ask the families and friends of the COVID-19 dead if they really care how Trump looks.

I have to believe that at least some of his supporters heard that and started to think: Does he care about me, or just himself?