Have you ever spent a night putting together a jigsaw puzzle? You know how that goes: at first you feel like there is no way these pieces fit together, but one by one, you start to find the pieces take shape, and by the time you are done, you see the whole picture.

I don’t know about you, but as we put all of the pieces surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell connections to Donald and Melania Trump, it appears there is a very close relationship involving all parties.

After all, Epstein, having been incarcerated on charges of running a sex trafficking ring, killed himself while in jail. At least that is the official story.

Now, Ghislaine Maxwell has been incarcerated for managing Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

So how does Melania Trump fit in? She clearly was part of the Trump/Epstein/Maxwell clan. Just look at the images of the group partying.

Trump and Maxwell have been friends for decades, and knowing how much Trump loves to grab beautiful women at will, it is more than likely that if Maxwell was in fact an accomplice in Epstein’s sex ring, it would be almost impossible to believe that Trump didn’t enlist Maxwell to find him a hot chick, from whichever country she may have been from.

There are a lot of loose ends in this drama.

First, Epstein supposedly committed suicide while in jail, yet there is no video surveillance showing just what really happened. Second, it has been proven the prison guards had not visited his cell for hours before he died.

Maxwell denies all charges, but the evidence against her is so great she has not been granted parole.

It is clear there is so much more to this story than we yet know. Too many obvious ties among the parties involved. Too many unanswered questions. Too much that would only make sense until we complete the puzzle.