Let this be a lesson to American voters: It takes a very special person to be a successful President of the United States.

One of the most important qualities necessary to be a great president is the one thing Donald never could have, to be a caring public servant who believes that all Americans can rise above all kinds of barriers: poverty, illness, inequality, and on and on.

Donald Trump was the worst president we have ever had because he lacks the ability to care about anyone but himself. He has shown the world that he is a mentally ill person, one who just doesn’t belong in the White House.

Who knows where he goes from here, but sadly, it is unlikely he will take his fall from power in a constructive way. More likely, he will spend the rest of his life spiraling down a tunnel of depression and destruction because he just can’t stand the fact that he lost in the most public and personal way one can ever lose.

But America is the winner here because now we can get back to being a smart, free and empathetic land of good people.