By George Pilibosian

I am willing to bet that 99.9% of the people who recently voted for Donald Trump as president have never been tasked with the interviewing and hiring (or firing) of a candidate for any serious managerial role in the private sector. Like it or not, that’s what makes a democracy: allowing the people, all of the people, regardless of their knowledge of what the job of president entails and what sort of individual has the skills, experience and temperament to handle what is arguably the hardest job on the planet.

It is laughable that so many Trump voters considered Hillary Clinton a ‘flawed’ candidate for president. It’s more than laughable, in fact, it is absolutely insane for a person to make such a judgment about Clinton while pulling the lever for Trump.

Let’s face it, Trump has failed at just about everything he has attempted in business. He even bankrupted three casinos – you know, where the house always wins?

Donald Trump would barely be able to manage a fast-food restaurant, because he just does not possess managerial skills.

Trump should have stayed away from the White House because now everyone in the world knows that he is a big loser, and he can’t even lose well.

I hope voters have learned from all of this, but something tells me the over 70 million who voted for Trump will probably never have a clue.