By George J. Pilibosian

Many have advocated term limits for all public office holders, not just for the President of the United States. Why? Because that is the only way to truly drain the swamp. Public office is not private business. Private business is solely focused, and should be, on the bottom line. More profits, more customers, and the ‘cancel culture’ is really just capitalism at work. Customers will vote with their wallets. But when politicians are in the game too long, they tend to sink to the bottom of the swamp.

Public office holders have a different job. That job is to protect and serve as many of the people they represent as possible. They aren’t supposed to bend their efforts in favor of those who have more money, more education or don’t fit a specific racial profile or personal lifestyle.

They are there to support all people.

But when public service becomes a path for personal gain and power, including a desire to become the most powerful person in the world, that impulse must be curbed.

Enter Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, poster child for the kind of politician who is so greedy and so craven that he will let his own citizens die. He actually thinks that doing so will catapult him into The White House. But alas, following Trump’s lead on Covid looks like the exact thing he should not have done to forward his ‘career’ in politics.

Let this be a lesson for all of the Members of Congress who just can’t let go in order to do the right thing. We may not have term limits to erase people like Mitch McConnell who does nothing but block Congressional Democrats and has milked the government for three decades, so it comes down to the voters to do the right thing.

Otherwise America’s future government will be as dysfunctional as it is today and probably won’t survive this carnage.