Nothing is free, when in comes to services, so why do you think Mark Zuckerberg is worth tens of billions of dollars? Because he is selling his users off to the highest bidder.

As Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users worldwide struggled with a massive outage late Monday, it was reported that the personal information of over 1.5 billion users is being sold on the dark web.

Screenshots found on Twitter show an alleged posting for the sale of personal data of 1.5 billion Facebook users on the dark web, which can only be reached by a special tool known as Tor and is not indexed by surface web search engines such as Google.

The screenshots supposedly taken from a popular dark web forum show a post on the forum that says a database holding more than 1.5 billion users’ information is for sale.

The database was “scraped this year and emails and phone numbers are included as well,” the post also reads.