A ‘sin’ to follow the heart you were born with? A ‘sin’ to be true to yourself and those around you and those you work with about who you really are?

Or is it a ‘sin’ and a hugely-criminal activity to lie, cheat and steal just to get $33 billion dollars at everyone else’s expense? Let’s review, shall we?

So to be transparent, I never believed that ‘God’ wrote a Bible (well of course followers had to come up with a more believable tale, that God dictated to humans), later to be printed on some mysterious printing press. But come on Popey, you run around in a dress saying you hear the ‘word of God’ to extort money from your followers. But that one falls away to because the church later said only Jesus could speak to God. Did Jesus have a typewriter?

Most important, you run a church that has paid billions to sweep homosexual behavior by your priests (your staff, to be real) under the rug?

So to sum it up, you and your fraudulent church lie to avoid getting taxed, get fraudulent financial contributions from your followers and pay off child sex offenders who work for you to keep the scheme going?

Those are certainly ‘sins‘ according to your definition of the word, but more importantly, they are crimes of the highest order.

But hey, the Catholic Church is worth at least $33 billion, so keep the party started, right?