The Tennessean reports on the fact that their governor doesn’t like people in drag:

‘Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee said Monday he intends to sign an anti-drag show bill into law when it reaches his desk, the first time he has publicly taken a position on the legislation.

The legislation bans “adult-oriented entertainment” that is “harmful to minors” from public property and places where they might be seen by children. The law specifically mentions “go-go dancers, exotic dancers, strippers” and “male or female impersonators” — the latter of which includes drag performers. Under the bill, a first offense would be charged as a misdemeanor and the second a felony.

Also on Monday, Lee said comparisons between the performances targeted in the bill and an old yearbook picture of him dressed in woman’s clothes were “ridiculous.”

Of course George’s worst offense was not wearing a dress, he lied to get elected, but I guarantee you that the dress is what will bring him down.