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Supreme Court rules states can collect sales tax for online purchases nationwide

FOX NEWS Online shoppers could find costs going up after the Supreme Court did away Thursday with a decades-old precedent limiting the ability of states to collect sales tax on certain out-of-state Internet purchases. The 5-4 ruling called the current rules “unsound and incorrect.” Currently, businesses shipping a product to another state where it does not have a “physical presence”– a store, office or warehouse — are not forced to collect that state’s sales tax.            A coalition of small business owners, many offering their online goods from home offices, say their profits would evaporate if forced to comply with...

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Trump makes historic mark on federal bench in first year – and 2018 could be bigger

FOX NEWS U.S. President Donald Trump applauds Judge Neil Gorsuch after he was sworn in as an Associate Supreme Court in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., April 10, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RC191C7181F0 One of the most transformative years in the federal judiciary began with uncertainty and ends on a political high note for President Trump. The White House, after winning confirmation for Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat held by the late conservative icon Antonin Scalia, has moved with record speed to fill vacancies on the lower federal courts – a...

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Supreme Court to debate digital privacy case over cell phone records

FOX NEWS Fighting crime in the digital age will be the focus of an important Supreme Court case to be argued Wednesday, testing the privacy rights of individuals against the high-tech tools used by law enforcement. At issue is whether the government needs a warrant to access a person’s cell phone location history. It will be the latest foray by the justices into cyber advances, which often move much faster than current law. The stakes are enormous, since any precedent could be applied more broadly, including to Internet, bank, credit card, and telephone records. “What the Supreme Court is...

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Gorsuch already making conservative mark on Supreme Court, amid Kennedy rumors

FOX NEWS The newest member of the Supreme Court already is making his mark after just three months on the job, effectively restoring a conservative tilt to the bench in decision after decision – amid mounting speculation over whether President Trump could soon have the chance to pick a second justice.  Neil Gorsuch, who joined the court in April, helped the court round out its term with a rapid-fire set of decisions reinstating much of Trump’s travel ban for now, siding with a Missouri church in a dispute over state funding and more. Having officially settled into the role,...

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