Author: By Max Fisher

Xi Sets China on a Collision Course With History – New York Times

GOOGLE NEWS Advertisement There was always something different about China’s version of authoritarianism. For decades, as other regimes collapsed or curdled into dysfunctional pretend democracies, China’s held strong, even prospered. Yes, China’s Communist Party has been vigorous in suppressing dissent and crushing potential challenges. But some argue that it has survived in part by developing unusually strong institutions, bound by strict rules and norms. Two of the most important have been collective leadership — rule by consensus rather than strongman — and term limits. When the Communist Party announced this week that it would end presidential term limits, allowing...

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Trump’s Hard-Line Israel Position Exports US Culture War Abroad – New York Times

GOOGLE NEWS Advertisement Within a foreign policy otherwise characterized by its haphazardness, the Trump administration has pursued one issue with single-minded intentionality: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. President Trump’s actions have consistently expressed a particularly American notion of being “pro-Israel.” But it is one rooted less in the conflict itself than in the United States’ own culture wars. Bitter debates over terrorism and tolerance, polarized along demographic and partisan lines, have primed a faction of Americans to express their identity in part through solidarity with Israelis and opposition to Palestinians. Politicians have long catered to this view, but Mr. Trump is...

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