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You could almost say the Saudis took lessons from Trump

(Tom Toles) Tom Toles Editorial cartoonist covering government and social policy; particular interest in issues of equality and environment Editorial cartoonist October 16 at 10:13 AM If Trump supporters had any ability to apply consistency of thought, they would be sorely tested by listening to President Tell-It-Like-It-Is turn into Donald Doubletalk and go all squishy when talking about Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump has been exhibiting a bad case of the wobbles when confronted with evidence that his royal buddies may have murdered a journalist they didn’t care for. But nobody should be surprised. In fact, Trump has practically written...

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No, the Trumps really don’t care. Now, do U?

(Tom Toles) To whom was the message on Melania Trump’s jacket directed? It’s possible, I guess, that a woman who picks her clothes carefully decided that her mission of ostensible compassion would be enhanced by wearing a sandwich-board-size proclamation that she in fact doesn’t care. Anything is possible with this crew. Another theory is that the message was directed at her husband, Donald Dickensian, who might not appreciate a show of human compassion (i.e., weakness) in the face of his bold resolve to torture children to make his point. His point being that he meant it when he said...

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Trumpworld speaks to the dying of human decency: WOMP WOMP

(Tom Toles) Corey Lewandowski inadvertently let out the secret thought process of the Trumpworld mind-set. When confronted with a mention of a child with Down syndrome separated from her family, he blurted: “WOMP WOMP.” Yes, this surely is the key to the code of the Trump value system. We can apply it to some other examples and test for fit. President Trump has told the public more than 3,000 lies so far. WOMP WOMP! The Trump tax cuts went mostly to the rich, and the deficits and the safety-net cuts go to everyone else. WOMP WOMP! The Trump climate policy...

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We are all enrolled in Trump University now

(Tom Toles) The problem in American education may turn out to be that we are just slow learners. If ever there was a window into the way Trump World operates, it was Trump “University.” This august institution of higher indebtedness offered a speedy degree in how scamming works. You paid your (borrowed) money, were handed a worthless piece of credential and learned that you had been taken. The saga of this now-legendary institution was reported during the campaign, but unfortunately, it wasn’t assigned reading. Instead, voters and the media they assumed were informing them spent their time reading and hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the scandal that … actually, there never was any scandal at all. Live and learn! We feel in the need for some new lessons now. It has been so long since the last Republican presidency that we’ve just about forgotten altogether how it brought us the magnificent Iraq War and the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression. We’re in the mood for a refresher course. So we just got together on Election Day and decided to enroll the entire nation in Trump University. Course offerings will include: • You Thought Obamacare Was Bad? • Actually, Rich People Do Deserve More Tax Cuts • Thalidomide, Victim of the Over-regulated State • Vladimir Putin Knows a Thing or Two About Winning Elections • Yes, My...

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