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111 Million Americans Have Brains And 50 Million Are Idiots Who Think Trump Won 2020 Election

Three months after an insurrection at the US Capitol, an estimated 50 million Republicans still believe the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, according to a recent national survey. But it’s far from clear how many Americans might still be willing to take violent action in support of that belief. This simply eradicates the idea we have two parties: Republicans and Democrats. Now we know the two parties are defined in a different way: Smart and...

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FOX ‘News’ Is Killing America, And Proves You Can’t Call A Company ‘News’ If Its Lies Kill People

It has become a running joke: FOX ‘News’ says President Biden wants to make us eat just one hamburger a month. FOX ‘News’ says Vice President Harris is selling books to kids in cages to make a personal profit. FOX ‘News’ says you should call the police if you see a child wearing a Covid mask. It goes on, and on, and on. All of this is bullshit, but so many Americans are tuning in to these lies. Lies that are told only to make FOX money. This is not news, and FOX executives should be put in jail...

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Sen. Tim Scott’s Rebuttal To President Biden’s Speech To Congress Was, Well, Subservient

I am not sure why the Republicans picked Tim Scott to deliver the rebuttal to President Biden’s first address to Congress, but he is the only black Republican in the Senate. Hmmm. Token? We don’t hate black people? God only knows. Regardless, the rebuttal Scott delivered may just as well come out of the mouth of Mitch McConnell. It was an embarrassment for Scott, but one he chose to put himself in. Watch it here and you be the...

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We Don’t Need More Police Officers, We Need Better Ones

EVEN A LAY PERSON CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TASER AND A GLOCK HANDGUN Daunte Wright, 20, was shot after the officer meant to use a Taser, but mistakenly drew her gun instead, Chief Tim Gannon told reporters. The officer was later named as Kim Potter who has worked for Brooklyn Center Police for 26 years. So one has to ask: How could a 26-year veteran of the local police department, who also trained new officers, could possibly confuse a taser weapon versus a handgun? Any way you answer that question, it comes up badly. Either this supposed...

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