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Will Smith Gets An Oscar For Teaching Our Kids To Hit People They Don’t Like?

As reported by ’Comedian Chris Rock made a joke about Oscar-nominated Jada Pinkett Smith, saying that she was auditioning for G.I. Jane 2, an apparent reference to her lack of hair. Smith announced on Instagram in 2021 that she has alopecia, an auto-immune disease that leads to baldness. The comment led to an epic eye roll by the actor. Will Smith took it to a different level. He walked up on stage as Rock joked, “Oh! Here comes King Richard!” referencing his Oscar-nominated work about the father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams.’ It is no wonder...

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China’s Self-Declared ‘President For Life,’ Xi Jinping, Is Siding With Civilian Murderer, Vladimir Putin

Russia has asked China for military ​equipment to ​support its invasion of Ukraine, ​according to US officials, sparking concern in ​the White House that Beijing ​may undermine western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country. US officials told the Financial Times that Russia had requested military equipment and other assistance since the start of the invasion. They declined to give details of what Russia had requested. Another person familiar with the situation said the US was preparing to warn its allies, amid some indications that China may be preparing to help Russia. Other US officials have said there...

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Putin Is Killing Little Kids. There Is No Other Option But To Take Him Out.

Civilians ran for their lives in the city of Irpin as Russian troops targeted their escape route in another horrifying day of ­innocent Ukrainians being slaughtered. Around eight people, including two children, were killed yesterday when Russian forces opened fire on ­residents who were trying to flee by bus, according to the city’s Mayor Oleksandr Markushin. Three more died when Russians shelled a damaged bridge in the city they were using to escape. But the toll of ­civilian victims in Irpin, which lies 16 miles north-west of the capital Kyiv, could be far higher as it has been regularly...

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When McDonald’s Stops Selling Big Macs In Russia, We Know We Have A Problem

McDonald’s, citing “the needless human suffering unfolding in Ukraine,” announced Tuesday it will temporarily close 850 locations in Russia. The decision came nearly two weeks after Russian forces invaded its ex-Soviet neighbor. CEO Chris Kempczinski wrote in a letter to franchisees and employees that the chain will pause all operations in Russia. However, it will continue to pay its 62,000 Russian employees, and its Ronald McDonald House Charities will continue to operate. Later Tuesday PepsiCo, Starbucks and Coco-Cola announced similar step-backs from the country. When Russians can’t access the American Dream, the game is...

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Putin Stands Alone In The World And He Will Be Taken Down

As Vanity Fair put it so succinctly: Another Cold War with the West. “It’s not in anybody’s interest,” Biden said at the time. Asked about that assessment earlier this year in a press conference, as Putin amassed troops along Ukraine’s borders, Biden mostly stood by it, but seemed to add a qualifier: “He’s making that decision,” Biden said of a Russian invasion. “And I suspect it matters which side of the bed he gets up on in the morning as to exactly what he’s going to...

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As The Queen Of England Gets COVID, Head Of The Government Says Take Off Your Mask

The announcement that Queen Elizabeth II had tested positive for the coronavirus comes at an awkward moment for Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, who was expected to announce on Monday the lifting of the remaining pandemic restrictions in England, including the legal requirement for those who test positive to isolate. Drop the frigging mike,...

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