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Donald Trump Just Never Had It In Him To Be President Of The United States

Let this be a lesson to American voters: It takes a very special person to be a successful President of the United States. One of the most important qualities necessary to be a great president is the one thing Donald never could have, to be a caring public servant who believes that all Americans can rise above all kinds of barriers: poverty, illness, inequality, and on and on. Donald Trump was the worst president we have ever had because he lacks the ability to care about anyone but himself. He has shown the world that he is a mentally...

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Followers Of The Trump Cult Have One Of Two Choices: Either Leave Or Die

FOLLOWERS OF JIM JONES CULT WHO TOOK HIS ORDER TO COMMIT SUICIDE Charles Manson was living in squalor at an old Western movie lot anticipating a race war. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru featured in the documentary “Wild Wild Country,” was indulging a penchant for Rolls-Royces while preaching spiritual enlightenment. Despite wide differences in goals, ideologies and lifestyles, cult leaders have some key traits in common. From studying the writings and biographies and witness accounts of cult leaders, researchers have pieced together certain characteristics that unite this rare group. These characteristics are, sadly, the very definition of Donald Trump,...

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Gay Porn Stars Say Lindsey Graham Is A Gay Slut Who Likes It Dirty

Senator Lindsey Graham, who has criticized President Trump for being weak and ineffective, is now fired up because he is excited that Trump once bombed an empty airfield in Syria, and is now using the U.S. military to attack American citizens. Let’s be clear here, Trump bombed an empty airfield to stop the narrative regarding Trump’s connections to Russia, not to stop the gassing of children in Syria, because it won’t. And Trump is now attacking U.S. citizens because he is so afraid of being looked at as weak. Yet Graham just can’t help but show how excited he...

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Mitch McConnell, America’s Biggest Welfare Queen Wants The Rest Of Us To Starve

Forget about a rescue package that will help those of us who are having trouble putting food on the table because of the way COVID-19 has ravaged America. He just took another vacation. The tenth one this year. Mitch McConnell says that no matter what Trump does, he will defend it. Gee, does the Mafia come to mind? It sure does, but Mitch is supposed to be the senior person in the Senate. Hey Mitch, go F yourself. Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe hit out at Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Twitter after the GOP Senate Majority Leader...

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