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As America Burns And Dies, Trump Plays With His Balls

DONALD TRUMP GOLFING THIS WEEKEND BY GEORGE J. PILIBOSIAN As Americans mourned the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sunday, Donald Trump went golfing for the 278th day since his presidency began. Let’s see, 200,000 Americans dead because Trump did nothing meaningful about the spread of COVID-19, the West Coast is burning in hell, putting hundreds of Americans on the street, and Donald decides all of that matters less than his weekend of golfing. Wake up America and do the right...

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Mitch McConnell Is Nothing But A Pond Scum Suck Up

Mitch McConnell says that no matter what Trump does, he will defend it. Gee, does the Mafia come to mind? It sure does, but Mitch is supposed to be the senior person in the Senate. Hey Mitch, go F yourself. Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe hit out at Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Twitter after the GOP Senate Majority Leader revealed he would seek to fill any Supreme Court vacancy in 2020, the HuffPost reports. Said Tribe: “Hypocrisy is McTurtle’s middle name. And his first and last name too. What a flagrant dickhead!” The man who makes his...

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While Wall Street Wins, Main Street Loses, And Loses Big Time

Donald Trump loves to talk up the stock market, and yet he should, because it is doing really, really well lately. The New York Times puts it this way: ‘ Towns and cities across the United States have been convulsed in protest against police killings of black people. The president has declared that he is prepared to deploy the United States military to “dominate” the streets — while his secretary of defense says he opposes using military force against American civilians. Teetering on a constitutional precipice, the country faces catastrophic unemployment, grave trade tensions and a deep recession. And...

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Polls Mean Nothing, Trump Will Lie, Cheat, Steal, Even Kill To Get Re-Elected

It is amazing the 35% of American voters intend to vote for Trump in 2020. And more amazing is that there are voters who haven’t made up their minds about who to vote for. Seriously? It’s pretty much 50/50 right now when it comes to who will win, Biden or Trump. But it is quite clear that even if Biden wins, Trump will call out his 35%, the meanest, stupidest Americans to take up arms and keep sociopathic Trump in power. We have a very dangerous two months ahead of us,...

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The 2020 Presidential Election Is Going To Be One Hot, Nasty Mess

BY GEORGE J. PILIBOSIAN It really doesn’t matter whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump wins the 2020 presidential election. Either way, America is on the edge of a fatal cliff. Many pundits say that if the race is a landslide, we will have no problem with the peaceful transfer of power, should Biden win. But what if it is a close contest? Even if Biden is the winner, we all know that Donald Trump will cause holy hell to contest the results. Donald’s convicted attorney and ‘fixer’ has even stated than Trump will cause a war to remain in...

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