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WATCH: QAnon? How About A Bunch Of Freak Followers Who Don’t Even Know Who Is QAnon?

There have been lots of cults, Review them at the previous link. There is always a common theme, a weird, narcissistic bully that weak people look up to for, well, I don’t know what. All of those ‘leaders’ were weak people who used others to feel strong. But who ‘leads’ QAnon? Nobody knows, yet whatever it is, it has millions of...

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Has Decided To Cut Off Federal PUA Payments Early, Says People Don’t Want To Work

By George J. Pilibosian So who the heck is Brian Kemp to decide to scrap the FEDERAL PUA Cares Act passed by Congress? From the Georgia Department of Labor website: May 26, 2021 Federal UI Program Update In accordance with Governor Brian Kemp and Commissioner Mark Butler’s plan for reemployment and economic recovery, effective June 27, 2021, Georgia will no longer participate in the federal unemployment programs enacted through the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act. These programs include Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), and Mixed Earner Unemployment...

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Mike Pence Just Can’t Find His ‘Nuts’

TRUMP SUPPORTERS SET UP A NOOSE FOR FORMER VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE According to The Daily Beast: ’Former Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at a dinner for New Hampshire Republicans on Thursday, mentioned the Jan. 6 Capitol riot for the first time in a public address, saying that he and his former boss Donald Trump have spoken many times in recent months but do not agree on that “dark day.” “That same day we reconvened the Congress and did our duty. You know, President Trump and I have spoken several times since we left office, and I don’t know...

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WATCH: Democrats Now Have No Choice But To ‘Go Low’

As much as I appreciate former First Lady Michelle Obama and her sentiment that when Republicans ‘go low,’ Democrats need to go ‘high,’ that approach will not work when all Republicans of Congress just want to block everything President Biden wants to accomplish. Democrats try to be fair and look for bipartisan agreement, but that ain’t gonna happen. Time for Democrats to play hardball and wipe out the Republicans....

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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Americans Need To Be Bribed With Free Gifts To Get Vaccinated.

Wow, America has become such a needy, greedy country that people need to be paid to get vaccinated and prevent them from spreading COVID-19. The United States’ mass vaccination campaign has plateaued, with state and local officials struggling to convince some residents who have yet to receive a Covid-19 vaccine to get one. Funding ad campaigns that inform people about the vaccines was one way officials were tackling vaccine hesitancy. But a recent poll found that giving cash incentives could also sway some Americans towards getting the vaccine. A survey, which involved 38,000 respondents, released by UCLA, found that...

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