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Gay Porn Stars Who Have Been With Lindsey Graham Say ‘He Likes It Nasty’

Click here to learn more Senator Lindsey Graham, who has criticized President Trump for being weak and ineffective, is now fired up because he is excited that Trump once bombed an empty airfield in Syria, and is now using the U.S. military to attack American citizens. Let’s be clear here, Trump bombed an empty airfield to stop the narrative regarding Trump’s connections to Russia, not to stop the gassing of children in Syria, because it won’t. And Trump is now attacking U.S. citizens because he is so afraid of being looked at as weak. Yet Graham just can’t help...

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The Senators Who Acquit Trump Will Do So Because They Are Part Of The Crime

If you watched just 30 minutes of the Trump impeachment trial, you would have to be brain dead to conclude that Trump should be acquitted for working hard to take down American democracy. Yet, several of the ‘jurors’ in the trial know that the are just as guilty as Trump, so if they were to convict Trump, they would be convicting themselves as well. We know who they are and we will never forget who they are. Ironically, this band of bandits each want to be the next President of the United State, and none of them have even...

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Who Is Q?

Seriously, who is Q? Is Q a person? Is Q a concept? Is Q simply the embodiment of the idea that blacks, gays, Jews, other non-whites are just plain enemies of the State? Yes, that is Q. If Q is actually a person, where the Hell are you, you scared fuck-up? Innocent people don’t wear hoodies. Drop the...

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This Time, The Hens Are Eating The ‘Foxes’ In A Deserved Twist Of Cable Media

Lou Dobbs, the longtime host of the signature right-wing talk show on the Fox Business Network, was canned by the network on Friday night. “Lou Dobbs Tonight” is off the air, effective immediately, a Fox spokesperson confirmed. An interim show will take Dobbs’ place at 5 and 7 p.m. Eastern starting Monday. It was a head-scratching change by Fox Business, since Dobbs was its highest-rated host, albeit on a relatively low-rated network. He often doubled his lead-in’s ratings, which is a rare feat in television. Dobbs, a veteran financial news anchor, became known at Fox Business for his sycophantic...

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