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Lindsey Graham ‘Crowned With ‘Tiara’ Of Being The First Senator Subpoenaed Over The Jan 6th Riot

US Senator Lindsey Graham will fight a subpoena issued against him by a Georgia grand jury probing alleged illegal interference by former President Donald Trump to overturn results in the 2020 election, his legal team said Wednesday. Graham won’t comply with the subpoena, his lawyer said, arguing Fulton County, where the grand jury is convened, is engaged in a “fishing expedition” and working with the House select committee investigating last year’s Capitol riot. “Any information from an interview or deposition with Senator Graham would immediately be shared with the January 6 Committee,” said attorneys Bart Daniel and Matt Austin....

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Why Is It That Most Mass Killers Are Under 25?

The two young men accused of carrying out the massacres in Buffalo and Uvalde followed a familiar path: They legally bought semiautomatic rifles right after turning 18, posted images intended to display their strength and menace — and then turned those weapons on innocent people. As investigators and researchers determine how the tragedies unfolded, the age of the accused has emerged as a key factor in understanding how two teenagers became driven to acquire such deadly firepower and how it led them to mass shootings. They fit in a critical age range — roughly 15 to 25 — that...

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Fireworks? America Now Celebrates July 4th With Guns And Murder.

Six people were killed and more than two dozen others wounded when a gunman started firing a high-powered rifle from a rooftop 10 minutes after the Highland Park Fourth of July parade kicked off Monday morning, authorities said. Authorities continued to hunt Monday afternoon for the shooter, and “the offender still has not been apprehended so far,” Christopher Covelli of the Lake County sheriff’s office and the Lake County major crimes task force said at a news conference around 2:15 p.m., four hours after the shooting. The gunman used “a high-powered rifle,” Covelli said and fired from a rooftop....

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Joe Biden Is Failing And I Hate It, But I Just May Vote For A Credible Republican, Like Liz Cheney

The truth needs to matter again in America. I voted for President Biden, and I think he has done a great job, but most of America doesn’t agree. Lots of complaints about America’s economy are not his fault, but he will be blamed and that’s just the way it goes. I must say, I have never been a fan of the Cheney political family, in fact they have a history of war profiteering and they pretty much started the illegal Iraq war. But here is the rub for me: telling the truth has become a lost concept in this...

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