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Lindsey Graham Has Become Just Another ‘Street Walker’ Selling Himself To The Corner’s Highest Bidder

Paste Magazine has put it perfectly, Lindsey Graham has become nothing but a glorified ‘street walker: ‘At one time, Lindsey Graham found Donald Trump to be a detestable humanoid, an unstable and incompetent candidate whose election would rot the United States and the Republican Party. He called Trump a “kook” and a “complete idiot” who’s “crazy” and “unfit for office.” He said Republicans would get “destroyed” if they nominated Trump, whom Graham described as a “race-baiting, xenophobic bigot” whose foreign policy was gibberish. In the wake of the Access Hollywood video, he even hinted at looming impeachment. Fast forward...

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Trump Replaces Press Briefings With Unintelligible Scream Sessions Over Helicopter Noise

Come on Liddle Donnie, most of America is smarter than you, and we realize that you replaced serious press briefings with press gatherings around the noise of an awaiting helicopter. You are doing this because you want to pretend you can’t hear a question you don’t want to hear. Only a moron wouldn’t get that. Let’s hope America is populated with more thinking people than you...

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Mitch McConnell Hates ‘Welfare,’ Yet Lives On It

The man who makes his living from the government by doing nothing at a base salary of $193,400/year thinks business in America is not doing well because too many Americans feel “they’re doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest.” McConnell would definitely know a thing or two about that. McConnell’s penchant for intended laziness is well documented, starting with this infamous moment, as documented below, when he committed to making his main goal for two years the assurance that President Obama not win a second term (which, of course, he didn’t accomplish) – watch below: McConnell...

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Facebook Is Totally Boring, So Why Is Mark Zuckerberg A Billionaire?

I rarely look at Facebook’s personal pages, and when I do, I shake my head, wondering why anyone cares that you just took a shit, or you just bought a new car, or you just got laid? It is absolute stupidity. What is more stupid is the fact that creep Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire many times over for creating the app. And worse is the fact that Facebook is loaded with Russian trolls and others who have hate written on their faces. Facebook needs to go and Grandmas can find more meaningful ways to embrace their...

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Trump’s ‘Stooges’ Are Tripping All Over Each Other As Impeachment Looms Large

Trump’s most senior allies, including Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pompeo, William Barr and Mike Pence are running scared as they realize Trump’s criminal behavior is finally catching up with him, and them. The Hill reports: ‘House Democrats fired their latest salvo in their impeachment battle with President Trump on Monday, subpoenaing Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, for documents related to their investigation into Trump’s push for the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Three House Democratic committee chairmen called for Giuliani to comply with the subpoena by Oct. 15. The subpoena requires the former New York City...

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