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Is Planet Earth Over?

There is no question that the current residents of planet earth have pumped poisons into the atmosphere, those which have caused our planet to destruct. Why do you think billionaires like Musk, Bezos and Branson want to own outer space? They know the jig is up on planet earth and they all intend to own the next frontier, which is not planet...

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Uber Drivers In Texas Can Be Put In Jail For Driving A Raped Women To An Abortion Clinic

An Uber driver could risk being sued for driving someone to an abortion clinic under a new bill approved by the Texas state House on Wednesday. Someone who helps pay for an abortion could also face a lawsuit. So could the doctor who doesn’t even do the procedure but refers a patient out for one. So hey, Republicans say ‘don’t touch my body?!’ Sure, but you will tell a woman who was raped to keep her hands of HER...

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WATCH: 40 Years Washed Up, Dukes Of Hazzard Star John Schneider Tells The President To Not Help Louisiana After Hurricane Ida

“Apparently Biden is going to come show his face in Louisiana and I wish he wouldn’t,” he remarked. “We’ve got more problems on our hands. We don’t need him. Obviously, there are things going on in this country now. People need your prayer, they need your help.” The Fox News host noted that Biden would “bring disaster relief and that’s what your state does need.” Oh, and yeah, the confederate flag is on the top of his car from years gone by that he still...

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