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IS APPLE STOPPING FREE SPEECH? They Just Stopped Publishing Kwotable For ‘Extreme Profanity.’ You Be The Judge.

By George J. Pilibosian If criticizing the President of the United States can be considered using ‘extreme profanity’ in public, call me guilty. Apple News obviously thinks so, as they just stopped publishing our articles for too much ‘extreme profanity.’ Here is what Apple News told us after shutting us off: ‘Hi George, On February 28, we sent an email to the channel contact you listed in News Publisher,, notifying you that your channel had been disabled. It was removed from Apple News because articles contained excessive profanity. Regards, Cris’ And by the way, we have been publishing...

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Bernie Sanders Is At It Again: He Will Let His Outsized Ego Screw Up The Next Election

Even as major portions of the Democratic Party coalesce around former vice president Joe Biden, the wounds from 2016 are still obvious each time there’s a primary or caucus: It’s supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) vs. the establishment. If a bona fide member of the party establishment wins the presidential nomination, how is that going to exacerbate the Democratic Party’s divisions? We can’t answer that question yet — Biden hasn’t won the nomination, although he continues to do what he needs to, especially by winning Michigan on Tuesday, a state critical to Democrats’ path to unseating President Trump...

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Mike Pence, Coronavirus Czar, ‘Doesn’t Know’ If President Trump Has Been Tested For The Virus?!

Seriously?! Vice President Mike Pence, who is in charge of handling the Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. couldn’t confirm whether President Trump – the President of the United States – has been tested for coronavirus during a task force briefing at the White House Monday. After telling reporters that he has not been tested for the coronavirus, Pence was asked about whether Trump has been tested. Pence responded that he’ll be “sure to get you an answer to that.” So, let’s get this straight, the man in charge of the virus that has taken down America’s economy doesn’t know...

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Senator Ted Cruz Quarantined For Coronavirus

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced Sunday evening that he will undergo self-quarantine this week at his Texas home because he interacted with a person at the Conservative Political Action Conference who has tested positive for coronavirus. Cruz said on Twitter that he had only a brief conversation and shook hands with the person. The interaction took place 10 days ago, he said. Maryland officials warned Saturday that the person who attended the recent conference in the suburb of Oxon Hill had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. When a Senator becomes afraid of a virus, we know that NOW...

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Don Quixote And Donald Trump Love To Fight Inanimate Objects, Like Windmills And The Coronavirus

Quixote imagined himself fighting giants as he attacked windmills 400 years earlier in the world-famous Spanish novel. The eponymous hero and his loyal servant Sancho Panza’s exploits are detailed in the 1605 literary classic which used the famous phrase, “Tilting at windmills” to reference someone attacking imaginary enemies. Don Quixote depicts a scene where the chivalrous but delusional lead character describes windmills as “hulking giants” and mistakes their blades as “long arms.” A comment President Trump made during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday brought into focus a unifying theory of his administration’s...

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Is President Trump Spreading The Coronavirus At His Massive Rallies?

We all know how much Trump loves to hold massive rallies in front of his loyal supporters. It helps him lift his spirits when things are down. But the with the advent of the Coronavirus, will he continue to shake hands and kiss babies? Trump says the virus is going to just go away, by some miracle. The Coronavirus is now in Trump’s hands, in more ways than one. So what will he do? Will he continue to hold his massive rallies, knowing that the virus could spread exponentially in those huge arenas but not care because he values...

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