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The giant super PAC backing Jeb Bush has spent very little fighting Donald Trump – Washington Post

The day Jeb Bush formally announced his candidacy for the presidency, he led in Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls — a position that he would hold for about a month until the unexpected surge of Donald Trump left him in the dust. Among the many bulwarks that were supposed to protect Bush’s candidacy on its path to the nomination was the massive financial power of Right to Rise, a super PAC backing Bush’s candidacy run by Mike Murphy, a longtime Bush adviser. Right to Rise has raised nearly $120 million to try and get Bush elected, a massive sum that could be spent to try and keep others from moving ahead of him in the polls. As it stands on Saturday, with South Carolina headed to the polls to determine whether or not Bush can keep his long-shot campaign going, he is in sixth place nationally, having dropped 12.4 percentage points from his peak in the polling average. Trump, on the other hand, has been in the lead almost without exception since July of last year — and has been the target of far less spending by Right to Rise than other Bush competitors. ProPublica has been compiling data on Right to Rise’s spending, and, as the outlet’s Derek Willis noted on Twitter, only a tiny fraction of that has been spent in direct opposition to Trump. An outside...

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Is America’s Richest Welfare Recipient

This article was originally published on September 6, 2016 and in recognition of the despicable treatment McConnell demonstrated toward Elizabeth Warren this week, we felt it appropriate to republish it. UNITED STATES – MAY 21: Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., conducts a news conference in the Capitol after the senate luncheons where he addressed issues including the Oklahoma tornado. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) The man who makes his living from the government by doing nothing at a base salary of $193,400/year thinks business in America is not doing well because too many Americans feel “they’re doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest.” McConnell would definitely know a thing or two about that. McConnell’s penchant for intended laziness is well documented, starting with this infamous moment, as documented below, when he committed to making his main goal for two years the assurance that President Obama not win a second term (which, of course, he didn’t accomplish) – watch below: McConnell Admits Zika Bill Is A Little Dirty Mitch McConnell argued that the Zika bill needs to have unrelated items attached to it — in this case targeting Planned Parenthood, preserving the Confederate flag and other items — because that’s how legislation passes. But McConnell is worse than a ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate Leader, his focus on nothing but politics can be directly attributed to the lack of...

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Lady Liberty Stands Tall in the Face of Serial Abuser, Donald Trump

IMAGE CREDIT: BUSINESS INSIDER Editorial board note: this article was originally published on November 24, 2016 and we felt it still has meaning today. Those of us who immigrated to the United States, or whose parents did so, understand the meaning and comfort provided by the Statue of Liberty. It is a beacon of hope and faith that it can all get better. Who couldn’t look at that beautiful face, with her welcoming eyes, and not feel as though you have found home? I think we all know what it feels like to find your home, and Lady Liberty has guided us home for decades. But even the gracious lady seems to have reservations about the way America’s new leader, Donald Trump, would guide her people. To be fair, it is not her job to command what Americans do, but rather, where they go. Let’s just hope that Lady Liberty isn’t ashamed by the fact that she convinced so many new Americans to walk on her...

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Mike Pence Excited to Be the Next Big Dick Cheney

IMAGE CREDIT: TOWLEROAD Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said his vice-presidential role model would be Dick Cheney. “I frankly hold Dick Cheney in very high regard in his role as vice president,” Pence said when asked in an interview with ABC that aired before the election on who his vice-presidential role model would be. Donald Trump’s running mate and now vice president -elect asserted that he would be “a very active vice president” like Cheney, who served under President George W. Bush. And when one reflects on just the kind of relationship and the level of power Dick Cheney had as vice president, one can’t forget that before Cheney, discussion about the vice presidency focused on how to make the office stronger, more effective. Not any more. “Vice President Cheney has been the most powerful vice president that we’ve ever had,” said Joel Goldstein, author of The Modern American Vice Presidency. When you couple these two pieces of information with the fact that John Kasich, who was offered the job, was told he would basically be the president, it all becomes crystal clear why Pence sold his conservative soul: he thinks he is going to be the next...

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Julian Assange of WikiLeaks Is Nothing but a Fraud and a Sell Out

IMAGE CREDIT: JACK PINE RADICALS This article was originally published on October 11, 2016 and we thought it appropriate, in light of what we are learning about the hacking of the DNC by Russian operatives and the incredibly sharp denials from both Assange and Trump that it even happened. Proof is everything, but this situation smells very dirty. Isn’t it interesting that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks infamy is ‘dripping’ supposed ‘information’ about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails three weeks before the presidential election? I look at it this way, if he really has damning evidence of why Hillary Clinton should not be President of the United States, why, on earth, would he withhold such evidence, rather than get it all out right away? I will tell you why, he is doing it this way so that he can get personal recognition and fame without releasing any real evidence to prove his ‘case.’ The Daily Beast put it succinctly by saying this about Assange’s WikiLeaks: “WikiLeaks is a brothel of self-promotion, Assange its puffed-up pimp.” It is for this simple, yet obvious reason that we all now know that Julian Assange, who is trying to get Donald Trump elected, is as much of a fraudster as is the potential fraudster-in-chief himself, Donald J....

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