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Get Ready Donald Trump: They Are Coming For You

By George J. Pilibosian It is so pathetic it is almost sad. Donald Trump has been a criminal all of his life: from not paying his bills, not paying taxes, evicting black people for no reason, and we can be sure it gets a lot worse than that. Trump has totally exposed his criminal ways while being president. And sadly, for him, he probably could have gotten off scot-free had the scrutiny that comes with the office of President of the United States not been put upon him. And it’s not just the crimes Trump has committed before he...

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Just Wear Your Goddamn Mask Louie Gohmert! Oh, That’s Right, It’s Too Late Now.

REP. LOUIE GOHMERT, WHO REFUSED TO WEAR A MASK JUST GOT COVID-19 BY GEORGE J. PILIBOSIAN What is the big friggin’ deal about wearing a mask?! First, I must ask, whatever happened to the American spirit. The spirit that caused us all to band together in the face of an ‘outside’ enemy? Alas, America has been so manipulated and divided by craven, greedy politicians that all that seems to matter is ‘taking a side.’ But ‘the side’ should not be Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, it should, and must, be about taking the side that makes America stronger...

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Kodak, The Failed Camera Company, Now Says They Can Cure COVID-19

Hey, I used to have a Kodak camera, there was even a song about it: But that was years before technology solved all of our problems concerning photography and then the iPhone happened. Kodak was not ready for that evolution, which meant they had to declare bankruptcy. They just couldn’t keep up with technology. Yet, mysteriously, Kodak, or at least what is left of it, has been granted almost a billion dollars by the Trump government to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. Wait,...

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Chief Of Staff Meadows Draws Over $200k+/Yr From Taxpayers, Says Unemployed Don’t Deserve $600

WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF MARK MEADOWS SAYS UNEMPLOYED HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID ENOUGH By George J. Pilibosian Where do we start with this topic? Hard to know, but I will give it a shot. First, the United States of America has so poorly handled the spread of COVID-19 that six months after the first case was reported we are seeing a spike in cases and deaths that is worse than the rest of the world. Take a look at how we compare to Europe: So that is part one. Then we must ask, how did the supposedly greatest...

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Did The Epstein/Maxwell Sex Ring ‘Round Up’ Melania Knavs/Trump To Be Trump’s ‘Sex Slave?’

DONALD TRUMP, MELANIA KNAVS, JEFFREY EPSTEIN AND GHISLAINE MAXWELL BONDING AT A PARTY Have you ever spent a night putting together a jigsaw puzzle? You know how that goes: at first you feel like there is no way these pieces fit together, but one by one, you start to find the pieces take shape, and by the time you are done, you see the whole picture. I don’t know about you, but as we put all of the pieces surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell connections to Donald and Melania Trump, it appears there is a very close relationship...

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Trump’s Failure In Business Is Nothing Compared To His Failure To Save 145,000 American Lives

JUST ONE MORE TRUMP BUSINESS SHUT DOWN, AND IT’S A CASINO! DOESN’T THE ‘HOUSE’ ALWAYS WIN? By George J. Pilibosian It really is astounding: Donald Trump want’s to win re-election so badly that he clearly will do anything to achieve that. A drive to succeed? Trump sure has that. An ability to succeed, Trump sure doesn’t have THAT. Don’t delude yourself by believing that he is talented at winning, he is not. Trump has cheated his way through life. And that could have been fine for him, until he just had to have the toughest job in the world....

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