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The Truth Is About To Take Down Donald Trump

The lies, deception, manipulation, oppression, vengeance, bullying, and threatening behavior of Donald Trump is getting really, really boring and old. At this point, the power that Trump has wielded is no longer. Those who would stand behind him now realize the scale is weighted heavily in favor of the truth and Trump is on the losing side of the scale. His defenders now know that if they lie for him, they will go down in a splendid fashion. The truth is taking on its own life, and Trump will be it’s...

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Roger Stone, Along With The Tattoo Of Nixon On His Back, Will Be Going To Jail

NBC News has just reported that: ‘Republican operative Roger Stone was found guilty on Friday of all seven counts against him, including witness tampering and making false statements. Prosecutors portrayed Stone, 67, as a serial liar who tried to bully witnesses into not cooperating with authorities. They charged the confidant of President Donald Trump with making false statements, obstruction and witness tampering in a case that was an offshoot of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Stone is the sixth Trump aide or adviser to be convicted of charges brought as part of Mueller’s probe. His sentencing was...

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Nikki Haley Thinks She Is Being ‘Clever,’ But She Is Simply Proving That She Will Lie For Power

The latest hijinks of Nikki Haley can make your head spin. On the one hand, in her new book, she is claiming that Rex Tillerson and Jim Kelly tried to recruit her to band against Donald Trump. But on the other, she won’t even admit that Trump is a compulsive liar. Yet it has been proven that Trump lies more than he tells the truth. There is something going on with her. Of course, we have all heard the speculation that she is trying to get more in favor with Trump, to perhaps replace Pence as Vice President, calculating...

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Trump Employs Dictator Rule #1: ‘Only I Have The Real Polls!’

Even though the ‘polls’ show that most Americans believe Donald Trump should be investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors, Trump claims all of those polls, you know, the ones conducted by legitimate news sources, are wrong, and only he, the object of those polls, has the right numbers. How pathetic, the king has no clothes and he has no chance of being king for much...

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Congressman Jim Jordan Wants To Keep It Under The Sheets: He Likes Watching Young Boys Getting Raped

REP. JIM JORDAN LOOKING FOR HIS NEXT WRESTLING BUTT BOY Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is denying a report that he turned a blind eye to alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State University when he was an assistant wrestling coach. First, the obvious observation, Jim Jordan, member of Congress’ only experience was being an assistant wrestling coach? Seriously? That should have been clue number one that there is a problem here. An NBC News report published Tuesday alleged the powerful Ohio congressman was aware of allegations that a doctor was molesting members of the wrestling team when he was an...

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Virtual And Augmented Reality Will Become America’s New Economy

We are at the cusp of a major revolution from mobile to immersive computing. Last year was seen as the dawn of a third wave of devices employing augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), which define the two spectrums of immersive technology that could replace mobile computing. A range of major products came to market in 2016 from companies including Oculus VR, Sony and Google. Since it bought Oculus for $2.1 billion, Facebook has acquired a further 11 AR/VR companies, underscoring the company’s view that VR and AR will form the next frontier. The large investments and acquisitions...

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