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Bully Putin Needs To Be “Taken Out”

Putin is worth $70 Billion. Excuse me, but how does a guy who never ran a business attain that kind of wealth? He steals. He owns the entire Russian economy (think about trillions) and that makes him the richest man on Earth. Well at least the richest that didn’t actually earn it. We need to take this thug out....

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Confuses Soup With Gassing People To Death

No soup for you, Marjorie Taylor Greene! The “Soup Nazi” himself has dished on the Republican Georgia congresswoman’s astonishing slip-up — saying he knew he was “in trouble” when the lawmaker confused gazpacho with the Gestapo. “If she got the word wrong with a nonsensical word, it would be one thing, but I knew as soon as she actually used the name of a soup that I was in trouble,” Larry Thomas, who played the iconic “Seinfeld” character, told the...

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WATCH: Pedophile Matt Gaetz Slams His Fellow Pedophiles

Federal authorities have been looking into whether Gaetz obstructed justice and paid to have sex with a 17-year-old about five years ago, in 2017. Gaetz has not been charged with any crime and has consistently denied any wrongdoing. He didn’t immediately return a request for comment. Come on man, you are a sexual predator and you have no business being a member of...

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Donald Trump, America’s Biggest Traitor, Is Not In Jail? Why Not?

Look at the illegal things that Trump did: he told election officials in Georgia to “find” enough votes to put him over; he tried to use appropriated funds to bribe foreign officials; he used his office to enrich himself; he made federal workers break the Hatch Act; he broke campaign finance laws; and he obstructed justice. His attorney general, William Barr, found a mendacious way to get him off on that particular charge, but Barr’s action deserves to be reversed. And then, after committing these despicable acts, Trump tried to overturn our democracy. He desecrated the foundations of our...

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