Author: Greg Stohr

US Supreme Court to Review Bid to Collect Internet Sales Tax – Bloomberg

GOOGLE NEWS The U.S. Supreme Court will consider freeing state and local governments to collect billions of dollars in sales taxes from online retailers, agreeing to revisit a 26-year-old ruling that has made much of the internet a tax-free zone. Heeding calls from traditional retailers and dozens of states, the justices said they’ll hear South Dakota’s contention that the 1992 ruling is obsolete in the e-commerce era and should be overturned. State and local governments could have collected up to $13 billion more in 2017 if they’d been allowed to require sales tax payments from online merchants and other...

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Anti-Obama Legal Tactics Come Back to Haunt Trump on Immigration – Bloomberg

GOOGLE NEWS The legal tactics conservatives used against Barack Obama are coming back to haunt Donald Trump. In winning court orders to halt President Trump’s travel ban and his crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities, opponents happily borrowed from the playbook that years earlier helped undercut President Obama’s health-care and immigration policies. The latest ruling, issued Tuesday by a federal judge in San Francisco, blocks the new administration from threatening to revoke funds from cities that don’t cooperate with federal efforts to deport undocumented immigrants. The ruling relied on a section in the Supreme Court’s 2012 Obamacare decision that dealt...

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