Author: James Piscipo

Rudy Giuliani Is About To Cough Up His Cheap Dentures

Newsweek has just reported that ‘A former CIA officer has accused Rudolph Giuliani of being involved in “third-world level corruption” after it was reported that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer tried to get paid for representing Ukraine’s top prosecutor while seeking damaging information about former Vice President Joe Biden. The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that Giuliani had been “in talks” to get paid a minimum of $200,000 by Ukraine’s former prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko in exchange for helping Ukraine find assets supposedly stolen from the country as part of a retainer agreement drafted in February. The newspaper claimed...

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Bernie Sanders’ Finger Wagging Is Aggressive And A Total Turn Off

I get it, everyone has a way of communicating, whether it is with body language or just plain language. But when someone wants to be President of the United States, they need a certain level of ability to communicate that brings others in, rather than turning them off. A lot of the policies that Bernie Sanders is promoting I agree with. But just simply on a style basis, I can’t stomach the guy. Every time I see him speak, he is waving is fingers around like a mad old grandpa. The finger waving is almost aggressive, like ‘do what...

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