Author: James Piscipo

Trump’s ‘America’ Is Nothing But A Bunch Of White, Male Thugs Who Are Just Scared Wimps

Yesterday’s Proud Boys rally was just what Trump wanted. These white male thugs are just a group of wimps who are afraid of anyone who doesn’t look like them. The Proud Boys is a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence. It is based in the United States and has a presence in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Trump, knowing that the rally was about to happen, decided to announce (through Twitter, of course) that he may consider their polar opposites, the anti-fascist group, ANTIFA, to be a terror group. The Proud...

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Trump’s ‘Buddy’ Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself Because He Was Accused Of Sex Trafficking

DONALD TRUMP AND JEFFREY EPSTEIN HAVING ‘FUN’ WITH WOMEN Now that Jeffrey Epstein has killed himself in jail, questions must be answered about his relationship with Donald Trump. As Politico reports: ‘A trove of court documents unsealed Friday detail allegations by an alleged victim of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein that while working as a teenage locker room attendant at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort nearly two decades ago she was recruited to give Epstein massages that often involved sexual activity. The roughly 2,000 pages of records released by the Manhattan-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals also show the same...

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Trump Is The World’s Biggest Liar, And He Is Awful At It

We all know Trump’s most prolific quality is that he lies more than anyone in history. The problem is, his lies pile up like dead bodies in a world war. He uses the same phrases (‘thousands and thousands, believe me, the best that has ever been,’ blah, blah, blah) to an extent one has to wonder about his level of intelligence. The bottom line is that Trump is stupid, mean and can’t even keep track of his lies. It’s almost sad to see this guy unravel, but what’s sadder is that Congress isn’t doing a damn thing to protect...

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Trump, Stop Playing With Your Little Twitter And Make A Nationally-Televised Speech To The Nation

Two mass shootings that killed 30 people in Texas and Ohio reverberated across the United States’ political arena on Sunday as Democratic presidential candidates called for stricter gun laws and accused President Donald Trump of stoking racial tensions. If Trump wants to help heal the nation, he needs to get off his Twitter and speak to the nation...

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A Former U.S. President Claims Trump Is An ‘Illegitimate’ President, And He’s Right

More than 3 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, yet just 77,000 votes in three states allowed Trump to ‘win’ the presidency. Former President Jimmy Carter feels that something is up with that. As Vox reports: ‘Former President Jimmy Carter made a remarkable claim during an event at the Carter Center in Leesburg, Virginia, on Friday, describing President Donald Trump as an illegitimate president who wouldn’t have won but for Russian interference on his behalf. “I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated, would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in...

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WATCH: Republicans In Congress Think They Are Still At A Frat Party

Rep. Matt Gaetz stupidly asked Dean how Democrats planned to pay for “Medicare for All,” arguing, “I figured if we were going to ask you about stuff you don’t know about, we’d start with the big stuff.” Dean swatted away this idiotic statement with, “Actually Nixon had a healthcare plan.” Just one more example of how pathetic and self-serving are the Republicans in...

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