Author: James Piscipo

House Republicans Drooling to Make Sick Americans Broke, Just to Please Their ‘Boss’

House Republicans are so desperate to have a win for Trump, any win, they are OK with making sick Americans broke too, by making them lose insurance or not be able to get It all. Ahead of today’s House vote on the latest iteration of Trumpcare, the Washington Post had this to say about the pre-existing clause that currently doesn’t penalize the sick but likely will under Trumpcare: ‘House Republican leaders said Wednesday that they plan to bring their controversial plan to revise key parts of the Affordable Care Act to a vote on Thursday, capping weeks of fits...

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Are We ‘Bored of Winning’ Yet?

IMAGE CREDIT: THE WASHINGTON POST I am sure we all remember that during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump often promised that if elected, “we’ll have so much winning, you’ll get bored with winning.” I have a feeling that most of us are hardly bored of winning, but rather concerned our country is careening into disaster. The list of Trump’s failures is significant and keeps growing, less than 100 days into his presidency. Trump’s accusations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the presidential election has now been deemed baseless by the FBI, alleged ties between Trump’s officials...

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Trump Should Be ‘Blocked’ While under Investigation

FOCUS INFORMATION AGENCY President Barack Obama was blocked every step of the way during his eight years as president because he is a Democrat, and probably also because he was our first black president. So, then, does it not make sense that President Donald Trump should also be blocked for an even bigger reason, because he is under investigation by the FBI? I would say yes, the answer is yes. If Congress can block everything good President Obama tried to do under Mitch McConnell’s ‘leadership,’ then it only makes sense that if we have questions about Trump’s involvement in...

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America’s ‘Rising Tide’ Now Only Lifts up the Rich

IMAGE CREDIT: THE WASHINGTON POST ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ That, of course, is the quote emblazed on the Statue of Liberty, and more importantly, the original mission behind the formation of the United States of America. Oh, how we have lost our way. The saddest thing about how the Trump administration has decided to enrich the 400 richest American families is that in order to do this, he must take anything he can from the poorest of the poor. This point hit home for me today, when my computer shorted...

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