Author: Karla Lant

Christian Evangelicals Are Being Bent Over And Screwed By Trump So They Can Get Judges

Let’s be real, Donald Trump is the worst President America has EVER had. He is corrupt, creepy, crooked, cringe-worthy and a total piece of human crap. That’s not debatable, that provable. So what the Hell is with the so-called Evangelical Christians who support Trump 100%? They don’t really believe in Jesus, they believe in power and they love the fact that Trump is shoving the ‘judges’ they love into America’s court system. Guess what, that’s a losing proposition and the Evangelicals will never win a war with the real patriots of America. Game...

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The Real Costs of Trump’s Proposed Budget

Without going into philosophical, ethical, or other more esoteric costs, today I take a look at the real costs of the proposed budget we’ve just seen from the White House. The best case scenario for this budget will result in massive increases to the deficit; the worst case scenarios include huge spikes in poverty among already vulnerable groups in the US and long-term damage to our economy, both domestically and internationally.

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Robert Reich Breaks Down the Purpose of Alternative Facts

In his post from Sunday, January 22, 2017 Robert Reich broke down the real purpose of the seemingly bizarre and rudderless press conference held by Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway’s even more outlandish assertion that the Trump team was simply using “alternative facts” (rather than lying–even though they were absolutely lying). It is obvious to most of us that Donald Trump is a serial liar. However, I think many of us are not always sure what this means for us practically, especially since his lies are often focused on silly issues that don’t seem to matter. The fact that Sean Spicer took to hammering the press over how many people attended the inauguration is the perfect example of this. However, Reich points out that this episode along with Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” are more about setting the tone for the coming days and years than the inauguration. The press is about to be under siege, every single day, for a period of years. Our democracy will depend our ability to remain independent, to ferret out the truth despite opposition, to report it despite attempts to suppress us, and to hold Trump accountable. We will need to openly call him a liar, every day that he remains one. For Reich, Trump’s strategy is a familiar and disturbing one, favored by despots. His description of the two-step strategy is well worth the time and...

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