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Trump Is Treading Into Dangerous Waters – For All Of Our Sakes, He Had Better Have A Plan For Survival

The Hill reports: ‘President Trump took perhaps the most significant gamble of his presidency in authorizing a U.S. drone strike against a top Iranian commander in Iraq. The strike killing Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, dramatically escalated the Trump administration’s confrontation with Tehran. It also marked an unexpected move for Trump, who has campaigned on withdrawing American troops from conflicts abroad and displayed a wariness of overseas military engagements. The strike, which U.S. officials described as a defensive action to protect American lives, could have far-reaching implications for the Middle East and for...

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Michael Bloomberg May Become The Next President Of The United States

The New York Times reports that ‘Michael R. Bloomberg disrupted the Democratic presidential field on Friday as he took his first steps into the 2020 race, unnerving supporters of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and prompting Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to accuse Mr. Bloomberg of seeking to buy the presidency. But Mr. Bloomberg’s early moves also signaled he would be approaching the campaign in an unconventional manner: In a dramatic acknowledgment of his own late start in the race, Mr. Bloomberg and his advisers have decided that he would pursue a risky strategy of skipping all...

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Close Down FOX: Tucker Carlson Just Claimed Rep. Schiff Obsesses Over Trump, Shooting His Bodily Fluids All Over Trump’s Pictures In His Bedroom

FOX and Tucker Carlson just went too far. The FCC has been notified and FOX will likely be shut down. You can’t call a member of Congress someone who equates the character in Taxi Driver, who says Adam Schiff is the same as that character: a guy who is obsessed with Jodi Foster (Donald Trump) and who has pictures of Trump in his bedroom, on which Schiff writes notes with his semen. Here is the nasty...

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Tucker Carlson Just Compared Rep. Schiff To The Crazy And Murderous Character Who Shot His Semen On Pictures Of His ‘Enemy,’ Trump

FOX News has crossed a line they can never, ever cross back again. This disgusting rant by Tucker Carlson is not just enough to get him fired, it should be enough to take FOX ‘News’ off the air. He basically says that Rep. Adam Schiff is like an obsessed killer who shoots his semen all over pictures of his enemy, in this case, Donald Trump. Where the heck is the FCC?! If you watch this and don’t think it is badder than bad, you should move to North...

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The Impeachment Of Donald Trump Has Begun

CNN now reports: ’An impeachment net is fast closing around President Donald Trump, with the House of Representatives poised to cast its highly symbolic first vote Thursday in the Democratic bid to oust the President. A domino effect of developments that appeared to threaten Trump emphasized the momentum of the impeachment drive on the eve of the vote, amid unsuccessful efforts by Republicans on Capitol Hill to gum up the process. Thursday promises to be an even more consequential day, since new testimony is expected from a key White House insider and proceedings in several court cases could further...

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