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If You Still Support Trump, You Are Not An American Patriot

We always scratch our heads when we hear people who still support Trump, believing he is the first president to ‘tell the truth’ and who ‘can’t be bought.’ Just watch this video mashup to get a sense of that: Our message to those die-hard Trump supporters: Please, for the sake of our country and the American democracy, face the reality that both of those thoughts are completely untrue, and in fact, the opposite is true, on both counts. He ‘tells the truth?’ No, in fact his lies have been documented and are unprecedented among all other previous presidents. He...

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Trump’s Doral Resort Is Failing, Just Like Its Owner, Donald Trump

Trump’s properties, including the biggest, his Doral, Florida golf resort, are losing money. It has a pathetic occupancy rate of 30%. That is why he tried to hold the next G-7 meeting of world leaders at that resort. Of course that would be illegal and even Trump had to back off after Republicans told him ‘no way.’ But that is not enough. Trump is a crook and the only way to get at him is to hurt his wallet. It would be great if, like so many other businesses he has operated, goes down. Trump has failed in his life...

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Congress Is Corrupt Because Members Want It To Be A Career, Not Public Service

FULL-BLOWN CROOK MITCH MCCONNELL NEEDS TO GET A ‘REAL’ JOB Yes, Trump needs to go, but so, too, do most Members of Congress. So many of them have made a career out of what is supposed to be public service. The longer they are in Congress, the more corrupt they become, so they can protect their ‘jobs.’ And if they saw their ‘jobs’ as a duty to make America the greatest nation on earth, we would not have the serious problems we have, which threaten to take down America. It’s funny that we have a two-term limit on the...

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BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Sanders Has Heart Problem, Had Two Stents Implanted

It looks like Bernie Sanders is out of the race for President. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Wednesday canceled all appearances and events until further notice after the 78-year-old senator underwent a procedure for an artery blockage. In a statement Wednesday, the senator’s advisor Jeff Weaver said Sanders “experienced some chest discomfort” during a Tuesday event. Testing found a “blockage in one artery,” and Sanders had two stents inserted, he...

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