Author: Matt Burns

Pebble preps for the end of its smartwatch services

The end is near for Pebble. The latest update to Pebble watches should extend their life a bit longer by removing the dependency on cloud servers. This allows the devices to work without the Pebble services that have up until now was required for many user interactions. When Fitbit purchased Pebble in late 2016, uncertainty hung over the purchase. Would Fitbit keep supporting the device? Not really, it seems. Fitbit eventually stated that it would keep the lights on through 2017, maintaining the bevy of cloud services, developer tools and APIs used by the devices and owners. There’s no...

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According to the stock market, Tesla is now worth more than Ford

Tesla’s market capitalization is now higher than Ford’s. Tesla is trading up on the day, sending its market cap to $47.46B. And then there’s Ford, the blue chip automaker that’s exactly 100 years older than Tesla, which is trading down on the day, causing its market cap to dip to $44.89B. General Motors’ market cap is only a stone throw away at $51B. This fluctuation in valuation comes on the back of Tesla reporting good news and Ford reporting bad news. Tesla saw vehicle production and deliveries rise during the first quarter of the year at a pace that...

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TechCrunch takes Manhattan: Include Office Hours with Flybridge Capital Partners

Founders! TechCrunch is taking over Manhattan next week with our first block party ever, and partnering with Flybridge to host Include Office hours at WeWork Grand Central Station. On April 6th from 2-4pm ET, General Partners Chip Hazard and Jesse Middleton will be meeting with underserved and underrepresented founders from the Greater New York area. Submit your application here. Launched in 2014, TechCrunch developed the Include Program to facilitate opportunities for underserved and underrepresented founders. Include Office Hours are a part of this effort. Every month, TechCrunch partners with a notable VC or angel in SF or NYC. Companies selected meet...

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