Author: Rhonda Reuter

America’s ‘Credit Card’ Has A Negative Balance Of $22 Trillion – It Should Be Cut Off

Donald Trump wants to steal money from the U.S. Treasury to build his big, beautiful wall, you know the thing he needs to get re-elected. Not so fast, our country is broke, not only broke, but we owe $22 TRILLION! We know Trump loves to go broke, after all, he has done it seven times, but we don’t. So get your grubby sleazy hands off of the American economy, please. NPR reports that ‘the U.S. government’s public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the highest it has ever been. The Treasury Department data comes as tax revenue...

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Donald Trump Is Afraid Of Girls – Is He Gay?

Newly elected Congresswoman and rising star of the Democratic party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Donald Trump was ‘scared’, after he vowed in his State of the Union address that America would ‘never be a socialist country’ – and claimed she looked unhappy during the speech because the country is a plane with no pilot. The President delivered his second State of the Union to Congress last night, in which he admitted being ‘alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country’. ‘America was founded on liberty and independence – not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free,...

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I Want Amy Klobuchar To Be A ‘Bitch,’ Anything Else Couldn’t Run The World

How ironic that Amy Klobuchar is critized for being a tough manager, while we have an abusive dick, a guy, sitting in the Oval Office. A guy, say Donald Trump, can be the biggest asshole in the world and be seen as a great leader, while a girl, say Amy Klobuchar, is considered a problem because she is as tough as nails. Sorry, but I want my leader to be tough, whether it is a girl or a guy. And I would prefer that leader to not be an abusive rapist, like Donald...

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‘Trump Is A Wimp,’ Says Ann Coulter, Who Used To Be Trump’s Biggest Fan

Oh, how justice is done. Trump’s biggest fan just called Trump a Wimp for caving to Nancy Pelosi on building a wall. Here are her exact words: “Trump won’t just go down in history as the “the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States,” as Coulter suggested in one tweet, he isn’t even in charge anymore. Mocking Trump’s public complaints about the arrest of longtime adviser Roger Stone in another, Coulter taunted, “if you were president, you could haul the FBI director’s ass into the Oval Office and ask him...

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Wall Street Is About To Crash Again, Just Like All The Trump Casinos

WORKERS REMOVING THE SIGN OF ONE OF THE MANY TRUMP CASINOS THAT FOLDED Wall Street is prepared for another bad day, among six months of bad days, under Donald Trump. But why would that surprise anyone? After all, Donald Trump couldn’t even keep his casinos afloat – you know, casinos, where ‘the house’ always wins. Most of America now accepts that Trump couldn’t make a deal to by a dollar meal at McDonald’s for a dollar, but there is still that stubborn group of his supporters who just don’t know when to...

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Trump Has Shoved A 3,000 Mile Wall Up His Own Ass

TRUMP’S PROPOSED WALL CAN BE CUT WITH A SAW FROM HOME DEPOT Variety put it perfectly: ‘The 18-day shutdown of the federal government showed little sign of ending after President Donald Trump walked out of a White House meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer said Trump left the meeting abruptly after he asked Pelosi whether she would support his demand for a border wall, and she said no. Trump then said, “We have nothing to discuss,” and walked out. “We saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way,” Schumer told...

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