Author: Samantha Smart

39 Years In Government, And Bernie Sanders Has Passed 7 Bills, Mostly Naming Post Offices

Bernie Sanders promises miracles as President. You know, things like free college, free healthcare, just about everything free a Millennial wants. But in his 39 years in government, his total record of accomplishments amounts to this: The reality is that Sanders talks a lot and accomplishes little. And we are talking in 39 years. No wonder Putin wants him to be Trump’s...

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Americans Don’t Speak Latin, Call It What It Is: ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Means Extortion

This will probably go down in the dumbest of American history. We have a president who lies, cheats and steals, and we call it ‘quid pro quo.’ No, it’s extortion and we need to start calling it what it really is. It’s a cute trick, trying to confuse the average American with a Latin phrase that they have never heard. But there is no reason to be confused, Trump is a lying, cheating, scum who needs to get his ass out of the Oval...

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The Main Critic Of Trump On Fox News, Shep Smith, ‘Quits,’ Two Days After AG Barr Meets With Rupert Murdoch

Oh please, you guys are so transparent, it’s obvious that Fox News’ Shep Smith was forced out because he was critical of Donald Trump. In the midst of an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, U.S. Attorney General William Barr reportedly met privately with billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch at his home on Wednesday evening. The alleged secret meeting was first covered by The New York Times, which also noted that the subjects discussed between Barr and Murdoch — who is the chair of Fox News parent company News Corp — remain unclear, and it is likewise uncertain whether anyone...

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It’s Crystal Clear Trump Is Conducting Corruption In Plain Site

I really can’t understand why anyone who believes in the construct of the U.S. Constitution could possibly support Donald Trump at this point. Yes, there is a large population of America that just doesn’t know why the United States ever came to be, perhaps because they never studied our history. I blame that one on the fact that we have given more attention to big businesses making money than we have educating our youth, to understand what America is and could become. But there is no excuse for Members of Congress who still support Donald Trump. It is crystal...

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