Author: Samantha Smart

Presidential Leadership? Trump Sits On His Fat Ass At Golf Club, Eating From His Trough, After Domestic Terrorism Slaughter

This is disgusting: America is going through the trauma of yet another domestic terrorism attack, when at least 20 innocent people have been killed at a mall in America by a 21-year-old kid. But what does Trump do? Speak to the nation? Console the survivors? Promise he will get to the bottom of this hideous crime? No, instead Trump has settled his fat ass into one of his golden chairs at his golf club in Bedminster. We all know how fat Trump has become, and I mean in the physical sense. So we can also be sure he is...

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Trump On Whether Or Not He Raped His Latest Accuser: ‘She’s Not My Type’

DONALD TRUMP DROOLING, TRYING TO DECIDE WHICH PLAYBOY BUNNY’S BOOBS TO GRAB Days after writer E. Jean Carroll accused President Donald Trump of raping her in a Bergdof Goodman dressing room in the 1990s, the president said she was “totally lying” and “not my type.” It’s not the first time Trump has used the tactic of criticizing a woman’s appearance to discredit her. But it is about time for it to be the last. Sorry Trump supporters, but your ‘guy’ is human pond...

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Sorry, Trump Voters, But Your ‘Fifteen Minutes Of Fame’ Are Over

Yes, Donald Trump gave millions of people who feel they have been ignored all of their lives hope that maybe someone will help them. These Trump supporters actually believed that Trump cares about them, and perhaps the naïveté that comes with feeling lost for years is behind that. But the reality is that Trump cares only about Trump, and his supporters have been Trumped in ways they clearly don’t yet understand. Eventually they will realize that Donald Trump is a complete fraud, but until then, let them party...

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WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Should Be Returned To The Sewer, Says The U.S. Government

SNL captured the ‘spirit’ of Kellyanne Conway perfectly: POLITICO reports; ‘The independent federal agency that oversees compliance with the Hatch Act has recommended that President Donald Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway be removed from her job after she repeatedly used her office for political purposes. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel sent a report to Trump on Thursday that said Conway violated the law numerous times by criticizing Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media. It is the first time the office, which is not affiliated with former special counsel...

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Sanders Is Really Feeling ‘The Bern,’ And He’s Not Happy About It

Joe Biden is beating Bernie Sanders hugely in the polls and Elizabeth Warren is poised to take Sanders’ second-place position. Here is the polling information. Look who’s up and who’s down: I call it ‘social justice,’ to see Bernie Sanders exposed for being a fraud. He slams millionaires and then becomes one (by writing a book about running for president), he promises college students a free education but has never made that happen through decades of holding public office, and now he is promising Walmart workers higher wages with no ability to deliver on that promise – he...

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